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Tomáš Drtina

Software Architect, InfoSec Enthusiast, Network Tinkerer

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About Me

Making sure our AI/ML models are connected with our FE apps. Everything from BE (servers, DBs, containers, etc.) to CI/CD and other DevOps, from architecture to development. Passionate about making everything secure.

Rust language and networking have a special place in my heart.

Work Experience

Software Architect, DevOps Engineer, Tech Lead

Blindspot SolutionsJuly 2015 - Present

In Blindspot my main focus is on developing backend services. I cooperate with frontend teams to design and implement APIs and secure them, but also with AI/ML teams to connect backend service to their models.

I'm also managing internal servers and our cloud services as a DevOps engineer/administartor.

Work Projects

Improvement of client's internal CI/CD pipelines and developer productivity

April 2020 - Now

  • Created new integration tests in NixOS using QEMU VM
  • Managed and extend Jenkins jobs
  • Optimized Docker images
  • Improved speed, cacheability and robustness of tests
DevOps engineer
NixOS, systemd, Jenkins, Bash, GreenplumDB, Python, Scala, Go

Custom chatbot application

March 2022 - Now

  • Created multi-tenant application based on Google Cloud Functions.
  • Created REST and MQ-based API for GPU inference microservices.
  • Deployed chat microservices to Google Kubernetes Engine with GPU nodes.
Architect, DevOps, ML developer
Python, Kubernetes, Terraform, TypeScript/Node.js
Cloud technologies:
Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Filestore, Google Cloud Functions, Firebase Authentication, Firebase Realtime Database

Customization of ARIS platform for a custom client deployment

July 2021 - January 2022

  • Customized Blindspot's ARIS platform for a client's customer support center.
  • Deployed to customer's on-premise servers
  • Integraed with Microsoft 365 Graph API and customer's RPA processes.
Backend developer, DevOps engineer
Kotlin, Spring Boot, Docker, PostgreSQL, Python, Scala

Custom AI image processing app

February 2021 - May 2021

  • Created a Node.js/TypeScript-based API deployed as Azure Web Service.
  • Deployed AI models as Python microservices, including GPU-based neural network service.
  • Deployed to Azure Cloud using custom-built VM image built with Packer.
  • Created a job orchestration pipeline using Azure Service Bus.
Architect, backend developer, DevOps engineer
TypeScript, Node.js, Packer, Python, PostgreSQL, Azure Service Bus

Logistics processes optimization

August 2019 - April 2020

  • Built an optimization tool for logistics operators to improve the onboarding of new employees and new processes.
  • Built on Blindspot's Optimus platform
  • Deployed to a hybrir environment on Azure Cloud and on-prem Azure Stack.
  • Integrated with client's AD using SAML and using mutual-TLS for all communication.
Tech lead, architect, lead backend developer, DevOps/deployment/security
Kotlin, Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Docker, Terraform
Cloud technologies:
Azure Cloud (Azure Web Services, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Blob Storage, Azure DataLake Storage, Azure API Management), Azure Stack (Azure Web Services)